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About Susanne Friis Bjørner Copenhagen

In 1991, jewellery designer and gemmologist Susanne Friis Bjørner decided to create a brand in her own name after many years of designing anonymously and importing pearls and stones. From the very beginning, the company was a success, and Susanne’s daughter, Benedicte Bjørner, helped as much as she could while completing her law studies. Today both Susanne and Benedicte are committed to the company full time together with a number of talented staff members.

Each year, two collections are created based on Susanne and Benedicte’s shared passion for fashion jewellery made from genuine materials. The co-operation across generations gives the collections a span that makes the jewellery saleable in the provinces as well as in the big cities around the world. The inspiration for the collections is drawn from their innumerable journeys to all parts of the globe and from the city of Copenhagen itself.

The clientele has increased steadily in the course of time, and today the jewellery can be found in the best jeweller’s shops in Scandinavia as well as in fashionable shops in Europe, USA and Asia. Great attention from the TV, fashion magazines and celebrities at home and abroad has helped strengthen the success of the brand.