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Explore our collection of earrings, crafted with love and passion. Each piece is a story, a perfect balance between the classic and the modern, made to complement your every appearance. Whether you’re treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift. … Read more
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Jewellery silver earring, style number: 4092-1-108 Earrings in silver with smoky quartz / Style no: 4092-1-108

250 DKK

Jewellery silver earring, style number: 5249-1-201 Earrings in silver with garnet crystal / Style no: 5249-1-201

285 DKK

Jewellery silver earring, style number: 5565-1 Faceted hoop in silver / Style no: 5565-1

250 DKK

Jewellery silver earring, style number: 5200-1 Earrings in silver with pearls / Style no: 5200-1

385 DKK

Jewellery silver earring, style number: 5249-1-174 Earrings in silver with london blue crystal / Style no: 5249-1-174

285 DKK

Jewellery silver earring, style number: 5568-1-107 Earrings in silver with green quartz / Style no: 5568-1-107

385 DKK

Jewellery silver earring, style number: 5249-1-107 Earrings in silver with green quartz / Style no: 5249-1-107

285 DKK

Jewellery silver earring, style number: 5263-1 Earrings in silver / Style no: 5263-1

285 DKK

Jewellery silver earring, style number: 5637-1-215 Studs in silver with sapphire blue / Style no: 5637-1-215

185 DKK

Jewellery silver earring, style number: 5637-1-216 Studs in silver with light blue / Style no: 5637-1-216

185 DKK

Jewellery silver mixboxe, style number: 5680-1-003 Mix box no. 3 in silver / Style no: 5680-1-003

349 DKK

Jewellery silver earring, style number: 5648-1-571 Hoops in silver with pink mix / Style no: 5648-1-571

399 DKK

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Explore our collection of earrings, crafted with love and passion. Each piece is a story, a perfect balance between the classic and the modern, made to complement your every appearance. Whether you’re treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift.

Silver and gold plated earrings

All of our silver and gold plated earrings are made in 925 sterling silver, representing luxury in each design. These items attract attention by their simple look and add some elegance to any outfit.

Classic pearl earrings

Get the timeless experience of classic pearl earrings. Our collection demonstrates the range of beautiful pearls from understated elegance of studs to the graceful charm of pearl drop earrings.

Wedding earrings

Discover the ideal wedding earrings to go with your most important day. Our bridal series includes a perfect 14k gold earring to shiny designs that are decorated with semi-precious stones. Every pair of these is designed to give your wedding outfit a little bit of elegance and sparkle.

14k gold earring

Our 14k gold pieces boast beautiful color and they are a symbol of eternal beauty. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting dressed for a celebration or adding some sparkle to your everyday outfit, these earrings are a great option.

Earrings with semi-precious stones

We have a wide selection of earrings with semi-precious stones such as, agate, amethyst, apatite, aquamarine, carnelian, chalcedony, chrysoprase, citrine, emerald, garnet, iolite, labradorite, moonstone, peridot, phrenite, prasiolite, pyrite, rhodolite, rhodonite, rock crystal, rose quartz, ruby, rutilated quartz, sapphire, smoky quartz, topaz, tourmaline and turquoise.

Mix and match

Our collection is versatile, allowing you to effortlessly mix and match the earrings with other products like bracelets or necklaces to create your own personalised set. Combine and mix and match the designs that complement each other such that you make one look that is all yours.

Find the perfect jewelry

Navigate through our jewelry collection using our product filter. Narrow down your search by choosing such options as gold plated earrings, 925 sterling silver earrings, or earrings with pearls and find precisely what you want.

Purchase online or from our retailers.

Shop online and have a peace of mind with our return policy, or see our collection in more than 200 jewelry retailers. Choose the ideal piece for you or someone close to you.

Danish design since 1991

Founded in 1991 by Susanne Friis Bjørner and subsequently joined by her daughter Benedicte, our brand has been a celebration of Danish design. The jewelry we create is actually a result of a shared passion for producing timeless items that change with fashion trends. Our designs are a mix of classic, fashion-forward, and timeless elements influenced by travels around the world and the lively city of Copenhagen.

Discover our earring types:

– Ear Chains

Ear chains with their gentle flowing design that easily slips right through the earlobe create a very simple but yet eye-catching impression. One of the names by which such earrings are also called includes ear threaders and have also been referred to as chain earrings, balance earrings, or link earrings They have a thin chain which passes through the ear and can be adjusted the length as well as sway with movement.

– Ear crawlers

Ear crawlers add a modern twist to classic earrings. They are also known as ear hooks, crawling earrings, climbing earrings, or ear climbers and they create the illusion of numerous earrings creeping up the ear. They are curved to fit the outer curve of the ear and have one post to hold them in place.

– Ear cuffs

The ear cuffs are meant for people who like to play with their style but without a loss of a piercing. Often called ear wraps too, this flexible jewelry wraps around the outer cartilage of the ear providing either a loud or soft addition to your collection of jewelry. They are available in different designs, from basic bands to detailed, embellished styles.

– Ear studs

Ear studs represent the perfection of simplicity and elegance among all the earrings in the world. Another name for studs is ear sticks, studs, ear pins, solitaire earrings, button earrings, and ear tops, and they have a tiny design put fittingly on the earlobe. They come in a variety of styles and materials, from minimalistic metal beads to elaborate designs or gemstones, thus are perfect for any occasion, and can be mixed with other earrings for those who have multiple piercings.

– Dangle earrings

Dangle earrings are all about dynamism and style. Under various other names like hook earrings, hanging earrings or swing earrings, these earrings, too, hang below the earlobe and swing with your steps. They can be of different lengths, providing from the smallest to the largest size. A woman with earlobe piercings often goes for dangling earrings because this piece of jewellery gives her outfit a touch of glamour and makes it a favourite for evening events.

– Ear hoops

Ear hoops are a classic option. Known also as hoops, loops, or Creole earrings, these circular or semi-circular earrings pass across the front of the earlobe to the back forming a continuous line. They come in various sizes, from tiny and almost invisible to very large.

– Drop earrings

Drop earrings, also called swing earrings or long earrings, present a combination of flair and grace. They have a part that dangles right below the lobe. Their design is ideal for people who want to introduce glam to their look without the full motion of dangle earrings.

– Earring stacks

Earring stacks are designed for the person who loves to create different combinations. Referred to as earring sets, mix boxes, mixed earring set, or mix-and-match, they enable mixing of various earrings on one ear.

– Pendants for earrings

Pendants for earrings, or earring charms, provide jewelry personalisation. Furthermore, these detachable pieces can fit onto hoops or dangle earrings, giving you the flexibility to switch up your look depending on your mood, outfit or event. Earring pendants come in several types from minimal charms to detailed designs and so offer a playful and versatile way to renew your jewelry without the need to purchase a completely new pair.